Replique in Sydney and Brisbane are anti ageing focused Clinics with a passion for helping people to look and feel their best.

At our Anti Ageing clinic on Oxford Street Paddington, we Sydney cover face, body and hair and get a kick out of helping our clients reverse the signs of aging with out treatments.

Dr Jesse Li operates from our Paddington, Sydney clinic and is an experienced Cosmetic Injectables specialist who focuses on Anti Wrinkle Injections for areas such as Forehead, "Crows Feet" at the side of each eye that develop from smiling and Frown Lines that can develop at the inner most part of each eyebrow.

Our Dermal Fillers are an incredible way to give a more youthful appearance. Dr Jesse is very experienced at Dermal fillers for Lips, Jawline Contouring, Frown Marks and Cheek enhancement. 


Please note all images are for illustration purposes only. Results may vary for clients for varying factors such as volume of product used