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Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation
How Long Does a Scalp Tattoo Last For?

Replique Clinic founder Scott Hickman has been doing Male and Female Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) since 2016.

We focus on natural looking hairlines and packages that are full of value for our clients. The SMP, or Head Tattoo or Scalp Tattoo is constructed to help cover up hair fall and thinning hair and genetic male pattern baldness and hair loss from other causes.

As a rule, the more pigment that is deposited, then the longer the Scalp Micropigmentation lasts.

In our Sydney and Brisbane clinics we offer several different packages based on the density the client wants and the longevity they are after. 

Sydney Scalp Micropigentation Head Tatto
Most of our male clients who are looking for a natural appearing full head of short hair, have experienced male pattern baldness and still have hair that runs from ear to ear, along the back of the scalp and they keep it clippered a few times a week. They tend to go for the Intro Package which is from $2800 paid in instalments and is possibly Australia's best value SMP treatment deal. It includes two large sessions, a few days or weeks apart depending on the clients schedule, then a follow up in a month then a further follow up 12 months after session 3!  

We've been doing this Scalp Micropigmentation package for hair fall and hair loss since 2016 and have many clients who are still going strong with their colour and density and we estimate that the effect will last 3 to 8 years depending on how they look after the SMP. 

One way to extend the life of Scalp Micropigmentation is to avoid the sun and abiding by the After Care instructions where we get the client to avoid sweating excessively for up to 10 days after each treatment, to give the SMP a chance to be fully healed. 

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Some clients want to get the appearance of a full head of hair back gradually so we encourage them to opt for the Light Density Package. This is excellent for clients who don't want to return to work with an immediate result, instead they want to take their time to get back the appearance of a full head of hair.
The Light Density package is from $990 and we spend time filling in the crown, or bald spot, blend lightly to the temples and work towards the traditional hairline, but so it is very faint and graduated.
The Light density is like a very pale shadow and we add density to this over time as the client wants to increase their SMP. This effect may only last a shorter time which is excellent for guys who want to just try the treatment out to see how they look. 
Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation Densities

Getting Scalp Micropigmentation, or any type of hair loss solution whether it is FUE Hair Transplant, or non surgical hair loss solutions like hair pieces or hair fibres, can be really daunting. 
At Replique Hair Clinic in Sydney we try to cater our solutions to the clients needs, so while SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation may seem subtle to some, it can seem very glaring to others who want to just have a very light shadow effect with their hair pigmentation or hair tattoo
Having performed thousands of Scalp Micropigmentation treatments in the past, we understand that all clients have different needs and expectations and love being able to off different Scalp Micropigmentation densities and hairlines to suit each clients individual desires. 

Light Densit Package Scalp Micropigmenta

The Replique Light Density SMP is a fantastic head or hair tattoo for guys who are conscious of making a big change over night. This is a very light shadow effect where we mainly focus on the crow area and move slightly towards the hairline so it still looks like the client has a receding hair but isn't completely bald. 

Medium Density Package Scalp Micropigmen

The Replique Medium Density SMP is a strong step towards having the appearance of a full head of hair again but without the fullness of the Full Density Scalp Micropigmentation option. In the Medium Density Hair or Head tattoo we do two layers of treatment, normally a few days or weeks apart, depending on the clients schedule and do light blending into the biological hair un affected by male pattern baldness and work closer to the hairline than in the Light Density treatment. 

Full Density Package Scalp Micropigmenta

This is by far the most popular non surgical hair loss solution we perform at the Replique Hair Clinic in Sydney as it is packed with touch ups. Over the first two SMP sessions we recreate the biological hairline and blend down into the hair unaffected by male hair loss and work back fully past the crown. This is arguably Australia's best value SMP treatment and a fantastic deal for guys who want their Scalp Micropigmentation to last for 3 to 8 years.  

Discover why Scalp Micropigmentation is the World's Fastest Growing Non Surgical Hair Loss Solution!

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Scott Hickman is the founder of Replique Clinic and has performed thousands of SMP treatments.


Now based full time in our Sydney clinic, Scott is available for free consultations to show you how our Scalp Micropigmentation can change your look and give you a more youthful appearance.

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