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Sydney's Most Affordable Body Contouring!
$300. Per Treatment...or
$250. Per Session if 4 Sessions Purchased Together

Haven't got time for the gym but want amazing results?

Desperate to move stubborn pockets of belly fat but lack time and commitment?

Want to target specific muscle areas such as buttocks, abs, and thighs?

These days so many people in Sydney are time poor and struggle to go to the gym five days a week or have PT sessions to get weight loss and muscle building results. Often time constraints or medical conditions inhibit the regularity or intensity of workout needed to slim down and achieve the lean muscle mass we crave.

Many of us are looking for targeted results such as defined abdominals, lifted buttocks, tighter thighs or bulging biceps. The EMS4 body sculpting machine allows you to target specific areas with a work out that conventional exercise can not achieve. 

HIEMT, EMS4 Body Sculpting and Fat Freezing has grown rapidly in Australia over the last few years.


The HIEMT - High Intensity Electromagnetic Technology used by the EMS4 body contouring machine bring about vigorous supramaximal  muscle contractions in your chosen area. These contractions are substantially more potent than any muscle contraction you can achieve in conventional exercise or movement. In a 30 minute session of EMS4 body sculpting you will accomplish the equivalent of 20 000 sit ups, squats or curls. 

20 0000! Imagine the results you could achieve with that level of workout?


EMS4's HIEMT (high intensity electromagnetic) technology can contract 100% of the muscle. A feat that can not be replicated easily through strenuous work outs. 

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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