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How short can my hair piece hair cut be?

Above all else we work with our clients to get their hairpieces to look natural, and often this comes down to density. But the less dense the hairpiece, the shorter the lifespan s most of our clients prefer to use a density that is 110% and they can get 3 to 9 months from it, depending on how they look after it at home.

These thicker density hairpieces are amazing for medium and longer hairstyles, but we don’t love them for the short hairstyles as they become too bushy and thick once a lot of length has been cut of them. Many guys want to go from thinning hair to male pattern baldness with very short hair so we encourage them to start off with a thinner skin hair piece, that might not last as long as the thicker density but can actually be cut less than 2cm in length.

Our thinner skin pieces come in all colours and have an incredibly natural hairline and blends very easily with the client’s biological hair. You can add a bit of wax or putty to style it down or up, and you can wear a hat or cap with it if you want to gradually reveal your new look for friends and co-workers.

We’ve been helping men across Australia and Internationally with hair pieces for years and understand how difficult it can be to go from thinning hair, to a full head of hair again so are very mindful on helping our guys every step of the way.

Feel free to call Scott in Brisbane and Sydney on 0439 558 835 or Wayne in Melbourne on 0447 004 808 for a quick chat or you can find more information on our sites.

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