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How Do I Make Sure my Hair Piece Doesn't Come Off?

This is a legitimate fear! Years ago hair pieces, hair patches, men's wigs and toupees were attached with flimsy clips that pulled the wearers biological hair out over time.

Replique Clinics in Sydney and Brisbane only bond our Semi Permanent Men's Hair Pieces with a mix of specially made hair piece tape and glue.

This is similar to how some womens hair extensions are adhered so the bond is incredibly strong and carries a lot of weight.

Ultimately the more you sweat, the more quickly the bond will break down but we train our clients how to rebond at home. 

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When a client comes for a hair piece fitting in our Paddington clinic we determine the male pattern baldness area, then trim the hair on the scalp as short as possible to create a clean and smooth surface. 
Then one of our hair dressers will adhere the hairpiece using a mix of hair piece tape and glue from True Tape and Walkers Adhesives. These are adhesives made specifically for hair pieces. 

Interested in a Hair Piece or Hair Loss Solution? We're open 7 Days a week in Paddington, Sydney just near St Vincent's Hospital and a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross Station. 
Scott Hickman, founder of Replique handles all of the Sydney consultations and can quickly tell you if a Hair Piece is the best hair loss solution for you. You can call or text Scott Directly on 0439 558 835.
Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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