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From $1400!
Mens Human Hair Full Wigs

Most of our clients use Hair Pieces, also known as Hair Patches or hair Systems. Traditionally these are designed to cover hairloss from the hairline to the back of the crown in the Male pattern baldness Area, and they blend with the biological hair that runs from ear to ear and around the back of the scalp.


Sometimes though, we use full sized mens wigs for men who don't have male pattern baldness, but have other conditions affecting their hair growth. 

All of our mens wigs come in approximately 8 inches length and are made up of 100 percent human hair, unless we require a grey blend. 

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Our male clients wear wigs for several reasons, the most frequent is Alopecia, where their hair either falls out in random patterns or they are unable to grow hair at all. 

Previously our male human hair wigs were quite thick and had a very heavy base, but our newest design is lightweight, has stretch and is actually glueless. The wig fits snuggly on most mens scalps but some like to adhere it with a few pieces of double sided hair piece 

Replique Mens Wigs look incredibly natural because they all come with a body wave, rather than being straight, and have a fuller hairline, making the hairline quite undetectable but still subtle. 

While most human hair wigs are normally upwards of several thousand dollars, we've kept ours at entry level prices so they are $1700 including the hair cut. The  wigs shown on this page are full length but haven't been cut yet. We recommend not cutting the wig hair too short, instead having several centimetres so the hair can be styled in several different ways. 

We normally carry several different colours in stock so feel free to call, email or text to arrange a free consultation

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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