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EMS4 Body Sculpting
Sydney's Most Affordable Body Contouring!
How Many EMS4 Body Contouring Treatments do I need?

Replique Clinic in Paddington Sydney specilaise in affordable but results driven treatments to help people who want to lose weight and add muscle, but don’t have the time to go to the gym.

Our EMS Body Sculpting and Fat Freezing equipment is fast and effective to treat areas such as the Abdomen and glutes. You can burn fat and tone muscles to fast track your way to a leaner stomach and firmer booty.

In fact it is said that each session with a Replique EMS Body Contouring and Fat Freezing machine is the same as doing 20,000 sit ups or crunches. That’s a lot of time spent at the gym!

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$300. Per Treatment...or
$250. Per Session if 4 Sessions Purchased Together
To get the best outcome we recommend four EMS4 sessions taken within two to four days of each other. Physical results will appear over a two to four week period after the last session. Obviously results will change from person to person, but we find that once you commit to an EMS4 program, it's a real incentive to stick to healthy eating and moderate exercise to compliment the EMS 4 results.

As the contractions are so powerful, localized fat cells are broken down and there is a discharge of fatty acides which are then released by the body, giving some clients an average of 19% decrease in body fat and 16% increase in muscle mass.

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