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Male Anti Wrinkle Injectables

One of the most popular Sydney anti ageing treatments for men is the use of Cosmetic Injectables for Anti Wrinkle treatments.


We work with an experienced Doctor for Anti Wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers and other therapies to give our guys an amazing glow up!

Perhaps the most damaging force on the face is exposure to the sun, while Sydney is an amazing place for hitting the beach and sun tanning, the harsh UV rays can prematurely age men’s skin so many will come in throughout the year for Botox or Dysport injections to relax the facial muscles, impeded movement and create a more youthful appearance. 


Our team are experienced and male cosmetic injectables to give a masculine but more youthful effect. He understands the importance of appropriate muscle relaxant positioning and dosage to ensure his clients still look youthful but still masculine. 

Some cosmetic injectors will place too much emphasis in key areas that can leave the client looking startled or with more feminine positioned eyebrows (such as with a dramatic arch).


Our team’s objective is to meet the clients criteria but to maintain a natural and not feminine look, unless the client has specifically asked for a different effect from the use of Botox®, Dysport® or other muscle relaxants. 


There are many factors for why men develop deep lines or wrinkles, some suggest that guys who go to the gym often and put repeated strain on the face while exercising and straining the facial muscles, can experience deeper lines and wrinkles than men who don’t exert as much pressure on their expressions, and so the use of cosmetic injectables such as Botox or Dysport are a popular Sydney option to minimize the use of the facial muscles and give a more youthful appearance. 

It’s fantastic to see guys of all ages invest in their appearance. Some do it to maintain a competitive edge in the business world, others do it as part of their regular maintenance regime.


As we age we lose Collagen and elastic, two amazing components that gives our complexions a glow and firmness so a touch up with cosmetic injectables a few times a year can tighten the skin, remove facial movement in the forehead and crows feet and give an all over more youthful appearance.

Male Dermal Fillers

At Replique Sydney we use cosmetic injectables such as Botox and Dysport® to minimize muscle movement, there are other anti aging cosmetic injectable treatments that are used to add volume and fill in key areas. 

One of our most popular dermal fillers is used ro open up the face in the frown lines between the eyebrows where we scowl.


The older we become, the deeper some of these lines can appear and so using filler will temporarily add volume and freshness to the frown area.  

Cheek filler can help lift the mid face section that can soften and sag as we age and give our cheeks a more prominent and youthful appearance.


Using dermal fillers in the mid face area can also help where the face has a sunken appearance, often from aging or weightloss. 

Want a killer jawline for that male model look? Jawline fillers are used to strengthen the jawline that can soften as we age or if the client wants a more prominent jawline.


Many guys get jawline fillers to add structure and test the effects before moving to a more permanent solutions, such a chin or jaw implants. 

Possibly our most popular filler at Replique Sydney’s Lip fillers! 


As we age we lose the cupids bow, which is the M shape at the top of our upper lip.


Many believe that having a smaller area from the lowest part of the nose, to the upper most part of the lip, can give us a more young look.  


So adding a more defined cupids bow, or simply adding more volume with a dermal filler in the upper lip area can contribute to a younger looking face.


Lip fillers can also give a more youthful appearance in our upper and lower lips as our lips can thin out  as we age. 

Please note all images are for illustration purposes only. Results may vary for clients for varying factors such as volume of product used

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