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Skin Needling Before & After Care

Replique Sydney love Skin Needling! It is a wonderful treatment to re-energise and imporve the skin. We recommend using a nubing cream for 30 minutes prior to the treatment. Our staff can give advice on the most suitable numbing solution and it's application

Replique Sydney Skin Needling: Before  Care

A lot of people refer to Skin Needling or Facial Micro Needling as a “lunch time facelift” as it encourages Collagen and Elastin and a healthy glow to each client’s complexion without dramatic down time.


At Replique Clinic in Sydney our Skin Needling treatments are only 60 to 90 minutes long but we do recommend taking time off after for the skin to heal and recover. Years ago Skin Needling and Facial Micro Needling required you to rest for days, but at Replique it is only a matter of hours.



The Skin Needling in our Sydney Clinic is done with micro needles that gently perforate the skin. Some clients may experience slight bleeding, so we recommend avoiding anti inflammatory medication, fish oil capsules and alcohol for 3 days before the treatment.

Replique Sydney Skin Needling: After Care

Our Sydney Team enjoy skin needling on their own faces and we have different complexions and skin types, from fair and sun damaged to olive skin that tends to become oily, and we find that we only have the redness (like minor sunburn) for the night following the treatment, and a few hours the following day. But everyone is different, and some clients find their skin can stay red for several days.


After the Skin Needling treatment your face will be slightly red and tender so we prefer our clients to relax at home and not exert themselves to be most comfortable.


Hydrating with water is a great way to reduce the redness and we will also use an Aloe repair pack after the treatment to fast track the healing process. But it is a good idea to avoid important socials events for a few days after each Skin Needling treatment just to ensure you are comfortable.


We recommend not wearing make up for 24 to 48 hours after the Skin Needling treatment. Please also ensure you use clean make up brushes as older make up brushes may contain bacteria that can be detrimental to skin that has been freshly treated.


Part of our Sydney Skin Needling program involves an Aloe serum to help the skin heal. We recommend using a natural moisturiser approximately three times each day after the treatment to help the skin heal.


It is essential that you avoid exposure to the sun as the skin for upto one week after the skin needling treatment.


After several days you may find the skin is flaky, this is the shedding process and very natural after the skin needling process.


Some clients choose to exfoliate the skin to encourage the removal of the old skin, this is optional but we don’t recommend it be done within the first 48 hours or with harsh chemical exfoliants.


Replque Sydney also offer LED Facials which is beneficial to the skin recovery. We recommend using the Red Light 630nm immediately after the Micro Skin Needling to help the skin recover. The LED Red Light 630nm encourages more collagen and elastin to be produced from skin cells and also improves blood flow and promotes repair to damaged. Skin and we have a special package for clients who want to add the LED Red Light treatment to their Skin Needling session.


Seven days after the Sydney Skin Needling you can return to your regular skin care regime.

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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