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Male Beard Tattoo Feather Stroke Sydney
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Male beard cosmetic tattooing is a great way to add definition and density to a beard or stubble.


Unfortunately many guys simply can't grow enough hair on their faces to get that really thick beard appearance and so often they will use hair fibres, eyeliner pencil or mascara to add volume and density but a great long term option is cosmetic tattooing techniques such as microblading, micropigmentation and feather stroke to pump some colour into a guys beard.

Replique founder Scott Hickman has been performing cosmetic tattooing and scalp micropigmentation for over five years and now works full time from our Paddington Sydney Clinic and uses a blend of different techniques to fill out a clients beard. 

"I insist on an in-person or facetime consult before every treatment as it's essential we're able to make a client happy. If they want something unrealistic, or fake looking then we ultimately don't work with the client. Replique means REPLICATION and we are rebuilding a feature they have lost, like a hairline, or we are redesigning something they lack, such as facial hair density. But we are always striving to make our client look their best and feel incredible" Scott Replique. 

A consultation is a great way to determine what the client wants. For facial and beard tattooing we need to determine if they want fresh stubble, or a longer beard look.


If a client does a #0 or #.5 trim each day then we use a small micropigmentation dot to mimic fresh stubble. but if the client only does a beard trim a few times a week with a #1.5 or #2 comb on their clippers then we use a Feather Stroke or Microblading treatment to add the appearance of actual beard strokes. 

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Beard Fill In Micro Blading Sydney

Above: Client has chosen to use Feather Stroke patterns to fill in his facial hair area that is deficient. We blended a warm black tone and used a variety of needle sizes in different stroke formations to match his beard. 

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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