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Are Hair Transplants the right Hair Loss Solution for you?
Replique Clinics in Sydney and Melbourne specialise in tangible hair loss solutions, such as Mens hair Pieces, or Hair Patches.

We do dozens of consultations each month and occasionally tell a potential client that a hair piece isn’t suitable for him, and that he should consider a hair transplant. 

We pride ourselves in being transparent and honest, which is why we don’t offer intangible “solutions” such as laser or PRP. I get sales reps from companies with new machines asking me to try their new technology but if we can’t guarantee that our clients will have a hair loss transformation, then we just don’t do it.

Replique have been helping men with hairless since 2016 and unfortunately we had to shave off many sparse hair transplants to put a hair piece on the scalp as the client was unhappy with the coverage their received from the hair transplant.

In the last 5 years we have seen a change in popularity of strip scar surgery for hair transplants, to FUE, or Follicle Unit Extraction surgery.

Previously the clients would be left with a large, pencil shaped scar running at the back of the scalp, but FUE is a welcome advancement in the technique where the dr only takes select follicles.

Many FUEs that Ive seen are excellent from Doctors in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, but Ive seen some from overseas surgeons who over harvest the donor site.

Many guys think that a hair transplant will actually give them more hair, definitely not! All the Dr is doing is moving from one part of the scalp to another. 

The young man who came for a consult last week still had most of hair hair, just a receded hairline. He didnt have thinning at the crown and most importantly, he had thick, healthy hair in the donor site.

He was surprised that I didnt want to do a hair piece for him, but I ultimately have our clients and potential clients best interest in mind. 

I did tell him he may need to go a hair loss medication, in case his hair loss does increase and that he should discuss this with his GP as there can be side affects.

A lot of my guys come in and have advanced male pattern baldness, and ask about if a hair transplant is right for them. I explain that we start with approximately 100,000 hairs and with male pattern baldness we lose between 30,000 and 50,000 so a hair transplant will only redistribute the hairs they have, it won’t give them back a full head of hair.

For some, such as the young man who came for a consult, the hair transplant is a great option. 

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