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Beard tattoo after care is essential to maintain as much pigment as possible. We use dozens to hundreds of tiny feather stroke lines to mimic the flow of the traditional beard shape from the jawline up towards the check bones, along the front of the face towards the chin and lips and up to the side burn area.

At Replique Sydney we work closely with all clients to ensure we are filling in the gaps where their facial hair doesn’t grow or enhancing their beard density. We consult closely with the client to work out the volume required and length of each hair, whether we are replicating fresh stubble or actual hairs.


Please apply the After Care cream five times in the first day, then twice a day for the subsequent 2 days.

Only apply a small amount with a clean cotton but and ensure your hands are thoroughly clean to avoid infection.

Please use a clean pillow case that night, you may have some residue from the tattoo come off on the pillow even though we have cleaned the area well after the treatment.

Like all tattoos, the beard tattoo will scab and leave the tiny tattoo beard strokes beneath it. Do not pick or scratch at the area as this can compromise the result.

Avoid sweating for 7 days.

Avoid facials, steams, botox, microdermabrasion and skin needling for four weeks.

Avoid sun exposure for four weeks, we recommend wearing a broad rimmed hat if going in the sun.

Avoid sleeping on the tattoo area for the first week as this can cause pressure and friction.

Please talk to your artist about touch us. We recommend a touch up to fill in missing areas and refine the work after 4 to 6 weeks.

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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