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There are so many different beard styles, shapes and sizes, from fresh stubble look to a refined jawline beard to a full style that is long and abundant.

All clients coming for their beard tattoo, or feather stroke facial hair, microblading and nano needling tattooing will have a consultation with Replique founder Scott Hickman, and then prior to the treatment we will work together, to identify the style, density and coverage that the client is after. Check out the below gallery of beard styles as we use images like this to help guide each client to their ultimate beard tattoo look.

Close cropped and non uniform beard which is comprised on slight hairs and stubble that is more full towards the jawline and very staggered towards the cheek bone.

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Jawline beard tattoo enhancement for guys wanting to add definition to their jawline area and not go any higher than the cheek. 

Some clients may be able to grow ha=beard length, as in the picture, and can use Beard Tattooing to add volume to take away any skin patches to make the beard look full.

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Nano Needling for Mens Beard pigmentation Sydney Near Me.jpeg

A full beard tattoo covering all of the traditional beard area, including from the jawline up to the cheek bones running parallel from one another to add structure to the face and a more masculine shape. Can be done with tiny micropigmentation dots or feather strokes. It is essential to blend in a jiggered formation along the cheekbone to look natural.

Much stronger definition along the traditional beard shape with more emphasis on adding beard stroke density rather than the appearance of fresh stubble.

Full coverage from sideburn to lower part of the jawline.

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Micro Blading Beard Tattoo Sydney Near Me Australia.jpeg

Fuller sideburn effect with graduation from the cheekbone to a thicker density along the jawline. 

Use of fine feather strokes and blending with micropigmentation dots. 

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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