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Micro Skin Needling
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$249. Full Face Skin Needling
$199 Per Session if 4 Sessions Purchased Together

Facelift in your lunchbreak?

That's how many people refer to the amazing benefits of Micro Needling or Skin Needling. While it certainly isnt as dramatic as a facelift, Skin Needling at Replique Sydney is a powerful treatment to gently disrupt the sighs of skin aging with microperofrations that encourage skin renewal and most importantly, the activation of Collagen and Elastin, for firmer skin and a more youthful glow.

Frequently asked questions

How many Sessions will I need to For Skin Needling?

Micro Skin Needling is a powerful treatment to imporve the appearance of your skin and complexion and most of our clients book four treatments, (per part of the body), one month apart and then come in every 6 to 8 weeks for a maintenance treatment

What is the Cost to For Sydney Micro Skin Needling?

At Replique Sydney we believe in keeping our prices at Entry Level with amazing service! The best deal is when you buy a package for each section of the body you wish to treat. The stand alone Micro Skin Needling cost is $249 per body part, such as face, neck or decolletage. But you can save over $50 per treatment when buy four treatments together.

Does Micro Skin Needling Hurt?

Replique Sydney is owned and managed by Health Care and Aesthetics specialsists who are liscenced to conduct Skin Penetration treatments and have a vast knowledge of Health and Safety Issues. Receving Skin Needling isnt like a normal facial, we gently apply the skin needling pen over the face in verticle and horitzontal formations to creat a disturbance to the skin surface. Prior to your appointment one of our team will discuss the different Numbing Cream Options available. After the treatment, your skin may be quite warm and we soothe is with an Aloe mask and gentle facial to subside the sensation.

Can I combine other treatments with Micro Skin Needling?

At Replique Sydney we also offer a range of LED facial treatments and have a special for SKin Needling clients who can utilise the SKin Repair LED Program at a reduced rate to fast track the skin healing process

Replique Skin Needling in Paddington Sydney specialise in gentle Skin Micro Needling with minimal downtime so you can enjoy the advantages of this skin renewal program without having to take days or weeks off work.