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Scalp Micropigmentation Medium Density S
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Scalp Micropigmentation Before & After Care


SMP is a form of cosmetic tattooing and as such it is important that the scalp is clean and healthy.

If you are worried about any skin conditions, or if you are on medications, you should discuss the treatment with your doctor prior to the treatment to ensure no adverse reactions.

If you use any type of hair fibre or hair product, please remove it prior to your appointment to avoid infection. 

We gradually build your colour with several sessions. To achieve a thick density and realistic look, we recommend layering the SMP over several sessions. SMP is not designed to be completed in simply one or two hours unless it is for a very small area.

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We use a pigment that is black based (in varying percentages to get a correct tone), although we use a black pigment, the colour may change if a client is on specific medications, diet or doesn't adhere to adequate After Care. 

If you are concerned about allergies or adverse reactions, we can do a Patch Test, this is $100 and only takes a few minutes. We recommend doing this several days prior to the treatment to fully assess if you will have adverse reactions.


The SMP is only 0.5mm into the epidermis, it is very light and will appear as red, like slight sunburn, for a few hours after each treatment. it is a good idea to bring in a new or clean hat or cap for the treatment, especially if you are having a full day treatment, so you can wear the hat if you go for lunch. 

You wont need any kind of antiseptic cream like Bepanthum or moisturiser during the After Care period, just keep the scalp clean and sweat free.

We recommend avoiding sweating through the scalp for 4 to 10 days after each session, to avoid adverse reactions. 

We recommend not exposing the SMP to salt water or chlorinated water for up to 30 days after the treatment.

We recommend avoiding standing directly under the shower jet for 7 days after each treatment, but you can splash warm water on the scalp and allow to dry naturally.

Please use a clean or new pillowcase to avoid Infection.

If you purchase the Intro Package, you will receive 4 treatments to be used in the first 12 months of the initial treatment. This allows for comprehensive density. If you require more than the 4 treatments, then we charge an hourly rate of $350.

SMP can be quite intensive to the skin, in the majority of cases the skin will be red for a few hours and then settle down. Some of our clients have noticed that their skin has become waxy or flakey. This may remove some of the SMP, leaving the area slightly patchy. This can be alleviated by additional "touch up" session where we fill in the areas of SMP that has lightened in density.

If you have any concerns before or after your SMP treatment, please message or call 0439 558 835 as we are here to help.

Interested to see how Replique Clinic Sydney can help you? We offer free in person, phone and facetime consultations.
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