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"Second Skin" Hair Pieces
Anti Aging & Aesthetics
Scalp Micropigmentation
Cosmetic Injectables
Cosmetic Tattooing
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Scalp Micropigmentation Medium Density S

Male Pattern Baldness Scalp Micropigmentation,
The Worlds most advanced Male Hair Loss Solutions including
Mens Semi Permanent Hair Pieces.
Micro Needling for Collagen Boosts,

Male "Guylash Extensions (to add density and give a more youthful appearance),
Teeth Whitening and EMS4 Body Sculpting

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Our Paddington, Sydney clinic specialise in Cosmetic Injectables such as  Dermal Fillers and Anti Wrinkle treatments, EMS4 Body Contouring
Micro Needling for Collagen Boosts,

and Scalp Micropigmentation to reinforce thinner areas of the hairline and scalp

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About Us.....

Interested in improving your aesthetics and anti ageing techniques? Replique Clinic started years ago in Brisbane and now have opened in Paddington, Sydney.

We have a  passion for helping men and women with hair loss conditions, and this passion has grown to a thriving business that embraces technology and aesthetic advances to delivery amazing therapies.

Founder Scott Hickman grew up on the beaches of Victoria and while loved the sun growing up, is mindful of the damaging effects of the sun on his complexion and skin health and embraces modern technology such as Cosmetic Injectables , Dermal  Fillers and Micro Needling to improve and enhance his skin.

Scott first suffered hair loss at the age of 17 and has tried almost every solution available and is committed to helping men and women with tangible solutions including men's hair pieces, men's Scalp Micropigmentation and Women's Toppers.  

Replique Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation
Replique Sydney Scalp Micropigmentation

Our Senior technician is Santiago Mona, who comes from a cosmetic surgery and hair dressing background. For many years Santiago was a Cosmetic Surgery Nurse who then became a qualified hair dresser. 


Dr Jesse Li is an experienced Cosmetic Injectables Dr who took some time off during the 2021 Sydney Lockdown to focus on assisting with the Vaccination program and was actually the Dr to inject Prime Minister Scott Morrison with his shot!

Jesse is very experienced at Cosmetic Injectables such as Dermal Filler for Lips, Cheeks and Jamwline contouring, swell as Anti Wrinkle Injections for Foreheads, Crows feet and also as a perspiration preventative for the arm post area.  

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Sydney Location.....

Replique Sydney is in the heart of Paddington, among the beautiful boutiques, salons and cafes that comprise our fantastic suburb.


There is parking along Oxford street and also at St Vincent's Hospital. Replique Sydney is spread over four floors and home to wonderful treatments such as Teeth Whitening, Male and Female Scalp Micropigmentation and other hair loss or thinning hair solutions.

We are walking distance from Museum, Kings Cross and Central Stations and close to Darlinghurst and Surry Hills.

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