Teeth Whitening
Affordable Teeth Whitening Sydney Near M
$249. 90 Minute.
(3 x 30 minute applications)
$199. 60 Minute.
(3 x 20 minute applications)

As we age our teeth change colour due to many factors and it is wonderful to be able to have express options for teeth whitening where you don't need to visit a dentist. Replique Clinic is Sydney has several express teeth whitening options including three x 20 minute applications or three x 30 minute applications.

Replique Express Teeth Whitening is immediate and convenient and we work with each client to lighten the teeth several shades. 

Frequently asked questions

How many Sessions will I need to Whiten My Teeth

As we age our teeth lose their brightness over time. We have many clients at Replique Sydney Clinic who have benifted from having their teeth whitened from discolouration caused by coffee, tea, smoking, alcohol, dark drinks and food. Our Paddington NSW clinic uses a Teeth Whitening machine that has two Express option. Many people will try the One Hour package while others who want to dramatically increase their colour will try the One and a Half Hour package

What is the Cost to Whiten my Teeth?

At Replique Sydney we believe in keeping our prices at Entry Level with amazing service! We have two very poular Teeth Whitening packages for our Sydney Clients. Choose from One Hour, which is 3 x 20 minute applications for $199, or the One and a Half Hour package which is 3 x 30 minute applications for $149

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Replique Sydney is owned and managed by Health Care and Aesthetics specialsists who are liscenced to conduct Skin Penetration treatments and have a vast knowledge of Health and Safety Issues. While Teeth Whitening can cause sensitivity, it shouldnt hurt if carried out by trained practicioners. Teeth Whitening may cause temporary sensitivty.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Good question! At Replique Sydney we aim to lighten the Teeth several shades but diet, food, smoking and many other factors can affect the brightness of your smile! Our Teeth Whitening techniques are very gentle on the teeth and so you can revisit several times per year if you find that your teeth are more prone to becomming discoloured.

Replique Teeth Whitening in Paddington Sydney specialise in forefront LED technology In Chair servicing with immediate Teeth Whitening Results. 

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