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Get More Bang for Your Botox Bucks!

Cosmetic Injectables Anti Wrinkle treatments such s Botox(r) and Dysport(r) are amazing ways to minimise facial movement, prevent the development of further lines and wrinkles, and give a more youthful appearance.

But the use of smart after care is a great way to get the most out of the treatment, here are a few tips that we encourage our clients to adhere to.

Avoid napping or lying horizontally for four hours after your injections, this can keep the Anti Wrinkle injections from migrating. If you do need to nap then we suggest doing so in an upright manner.

Avoid the gym and excessive sweating for the day.

While it might be tempting to have some wine or alcohol that night, we suggest laying off for the evening as it can add to any slight bruising in the injection sites. 

For the first hour or so after your Anti Wrinkle injections it’s good idea to actually move the face and do facial exercises (generally smiling, frowning, and raising your eyebrows up and down), this can ensure the results of the Botox or Dysport can show up sooner. 

Skip makeup for approximately 24 hours. While the injection sites are tiny, they can still lead to infection and applying makeup to the face can rub the skin, possibly dispersing the Anti Wrinkle Injections away from the sites your Dr or Nurse has specifically chose. 

Getting anti ageing injections like this aren’t long term, they may last several months before you need a touch up so good post care is a wonderful to stretch the life of the treatment.