Anti Wrinkle Injectables

Serums, night creams, daily moisturiser, SPF+ moisturising lotions….


This list of topical skin care options is long and often confusing. While it is important to maintain a healthy and regular skin regime, often the most dramatic results for fine lines and wrinkles is from regular cosmetic injections of a muscle relaxant such as Botox(r)  or Dysport(r).

Cosmetic Injectables have grown in popularity as they are such an effective way to relax the facial muscle so they are in a more firm, and less pliable state, ensuring minimal movement. 


This will give the appearance of a tighter and more firm skin, and ultimately a more youthful appearance. 


Dr Jesse operates from the Replique Clinic in Paddington, Sydney and is very experienced at the application of muscle relaxants such as Botox(r) and Dysport(r) for areas such as the forehead, frown marks and the sides of the eyes, often referred to as “Crows Feet”. 

As we age, we lose collagen and elastin in our skin and so our faces can droop and sag. The forehead of often one of the first areas to have lines or wrinkles and so an application of muscles relaxant or anti wrinkle injections can effectively freeze the face temporarily and make it more firm. 

At Replique Sydney have many clients who are using this technique as a preventative measure, to ensure they they minimise the development of further lines and wrinkles in the  forehead area.


Lines around the eyes are often a reaction to the muscles of the face that are engaged when we smile (please keep smiling!) but using an cosmetic anti wrinkle injections can certainly abate the engagement and development of these lines. Careful application of the injections can also be used to raise the eyebrows, making the eyes appear larger, more alert and youthful. 

Dermal Fillers

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, we are so obsessed with the careful placement of dermal fillers, they are an incredible way to add volume to key areas of the face such as cheek bones and lips. Dr Jesse meets with each client to discuss their objectives and a time frame to determine the best Dermal Filler for each area of the face.


Lips, lips, lips. One of the most dramatic changes in cosmetic injectables over the recent decade has been the explosion in popularity of lip filler. As we age many people see a reduction in the size of their lips, as well as a narrowing of the “cupids bow” area at the top of the lip. This can give the appearance of someone who has prematurely aged but careful use of lip filler can add volume and a more youthful appearance. 


We can’t all be born with amazing bone structure, but the use of Dermal Fillers in Sydney is very popular to elongate the jawline and cheek bones to give a more dramatic appearance. 


Jawline enhancement can be done to add structure to a softer and more round jawline,  giving it a more angular shape, likewise we sometimes add dermal fillers to the chin to add symmetry to the face if the chin is slightly recessed. 


Dr Jesse is an amazing contributor to our clients aesthetics, he has many years experience with dermal fillers and cosmetic injectables such as anti wrinkle injections. Dr Jesse offers 20 and 40 minute consolations for $100 and the price is then credited to the treatment price.

Please note all images are for illustration purposes only. Results may vary for clients for varying factors such as volume of product used.